Lenore Chinn

Break from Pulp

A study of the artist’s evolvution from artist to activist

LenoreChinn1.jpg (20595 bytes) This website began as a college class project. Now it will be a permanent site for Ms. Chinn and all those interested in her work. I do this as a labor of love to an artist and woman I truly admire and hold in high esteem. I will be combining the essay formula with interview quotes from the artist to give intimate and in-depth details into the life of Lenore Chinn.

Lenore Chinn is an American Realism artist and civil rights activist. I will be discussing her early life; her emergence as an activist for disenfranchised people, mainly people of color, women, and the   lesbian/gay culture; and her work as an Asian American artist.

Lenore Chinn’s work in activism is a natural outcome from her inner exploration of her exposure to several cultures that shaped her life. Chinn’s art is American Realism, but she adds elements of political commentary that sets her work apart. Within her genre, she is making a unique contribution. This contribution is not just visual, but rather a blend of activism and art.

She achieved the status of activist by creating works that explore and define the gender, ethnic, and sexuality roles forced upon her. Her diverse background enabled her to experience life as an American first, then as an Asian, then as a woman, then finally as a lesbian. This extraordinary combination is a cornucopia of ideas that beg to be dissected and examined.















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